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During this past school year, I wanted to try a little bit of everything. I dabbled into creating a wiki and worked on projects with Google Calendar, Sites, and Docs, etc. I immersed myself into technology and stretched myself in way too many different directions. I knew just little tidbits about many things. (Wikis, Wordle, Moodle, Google Tools, Twitter, etc.) Because of being stretched, I started a lot of projects, that I wasn’t able to find the time to finish. I also didn’t have time, as a first year teacher, to move into the Evaluation stage, let alone Perspective or Balance. This class (or perhaps, summertime, in general) has helped move me from the PLN Adoption- Immersion stage into the PLN Adoption-Evaluation stage. (Stages of PLN Adoption, The Thinking Stick) I have had a chance to sit back and explore some great websites listed through the Website of the Week assignment. A few of my favorites, so far, are listed below:

I also have had time to organize the above, along with many other websites, by using my Delicious account. So now, even if I don’t know it all right this second, I at least have it ‘socially bookmarked’ and/or socially organized to come back to it, at a later date. ┬áThis class has also given me direction, by giving me so many helpful links to really delve into the Web 2.0 Tools, that I previously only heard about or knew a couple things about. I am also learning how to evaluate websites and what educators to follow on Twitter (and to continue following), etc. I am hoping to continue this year to work on finding a balance.

Learning about the Wikis, this past week, made me think about revisiting the one I signed up for at the beginning of the school year. The last ‘update’ prior to today’s, was in October 2009. Linked below is my -work in progress- Wiki for my English 7 classroom.

Ms. Wilcox’s Wiki


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