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Posted on: August 12, 2010

It is very easy for students to find materials, for their projects and assignments, by simply clicking a few buttons and right-clicking to download an image, from the Internet. Easy, BUT, not lawfully correct, in many cases. Teaching students about copyright laws and obeying them yourself, as a teacher, is a must in the classroom. This is something, I will honestly admit, I didn’t take as seriously, or know as much about as I should have, until this past week in Ed620.

I am sharing an article that is a must read to learn more about The New Rules of Copyrighting. This article gives information through a “Question and Answer” format. It also has a great list of “Do’s and Don’ts” for schools, and a brief overview about Creative Commons.

Creative Commons is a license that allows students and educators to determine what rights they are willing to share when they post original images, graphics, audio, text or multimedia works online. It also makes it easier to locate work by others, that can legally be used in projects.  To learn more about Creative Commons here are some more websites that will help you out:

Creative Commons Website

A wiki and blog, K12 Open Ed, by Karen Fasimpaur of K12 Handhelds.

Creative Commons Resources for Schools, from the National Copyright Unit of the Australian Schools Resourcing Network

I am excited to see that popular search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, now have an option (in their Advanced Search) to filter images that are licensed for re-use. A great tip to share with students, prior to them beginning to search for content on the World Wide Web.


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