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Hello ED.620 Matey’s!

Posted on: July 14, 2010

A little about me and my work… My  name is Kelsi Wilcox. I graduated from Clarion University in December 2007. I am currently employed by Keystone School District in Knox, PA, as a 7th grade English teacher and I am a member of the Autism Team for the high school. I consider myself a life-long learner and enjoy taking classes, attending Professional Development seminars and listening to In-Service speakers. All which help me expand my Personal Learning Network! I just completed my first year teaching and look forward to what my second year will bring. I enjoy incorporating technology into my lessons and creating assignments where my students get hands on experience with technology. I’m taking this class as my FIRST class in my Masters in Education – Technology Concentration degree.

Let’s see, other things about me that are significant enough to share…. I live in Knox, PA not too far from the high school that I work at. I am engaged to a guy that many refer to as “Chucko”. My wedding to this funny guy, that lives up to his humorous nickname fully, is in the works for July 30, 2011. I am a huge breast cancer activist, as my mother is a 4-year survivor of this disease. I am also an alumnae of Sigma Sigma Sigma. During the 2008-2009 Academic School Year, I held the position of a Traveling Leadership Consultant. I visited a different college/university every week and met with student leaders to train on their roles/responsibilities and discuss effective leadership strategies and practices. Each week I facilitated a 4-6 hour retreat, with hands-on ice breakers, activities and discussion pieces about Team Building, Leadership, Ritual and Values, etc. I traveled as far north as Detroit, Michigan, south point was Miami, FL, West- Columbia, Missouri, and East- New Jersey. It was an amazing experience, and I enjoyed my time on the road immensely. Though, I appreciate NWPA much more than I previously did! I love surfing educational blogs and websites and Facebook stalking. (Sidenote: WordPress says that facebook is spelled wrong, unless it’s capitalized?!) I also enjoy taking walks and going Geocaching, too.

I really enjoy learning and teaching leadership development skills and for awhile was thinking about pursuing a Masters in Higher Education. But, I enjoy teaching high school students too much. So, instead, I volunteer as an advisor for the Tri-Sigma chapter at Clarion and as a 4-H leader for the Teen Council group in Clarion County, to help get my fix with this passion.

Looking forward to getting to know my classmates in ED.620 better and expanding my PLN even more!

2 Responses to "Hello ED.620 Matey’s!"

Great to “meet” you Kelsi. Did you have ED 217? with me? Sorry, but I can’t remember…. Great to see so many “Horsethieves” in the class. 😀

~ John

Actually, Dr. Heeter was my professor for Ed 217. It was a Summer 1 class in… 2005, I believe. I bet it’s a completely different class now! Oh, the joys of keeping up with technology. 🙂

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